J. Reid Perry

Attorney J. Reid Perry has been licensed to practice law in Texas since 2002. Before entering the legal field and opening his own law office in 2003, he worked for 18 years in patient care and hospital administration. Reid enjoys helping people and decided to move into a legal career in order to provide even stronger support for his fellow citizens. He received his Law Degree from the South Texas College of Law, in 2002.

Currently, most of his legal work is in the area of Family Law, including Estate Planning (Wills & Living Wills, Probate) and in Criminal Defense. These closely related areas of law are often combined in Family Law cases. Reid stays current with important legal developments through his membership in the Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas (Family Law Section), and other legal industry groups. Attorney Perry also belongs to the Texas Family Law Foundation, the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and the NW Houston Collaborative Law Group.

Houston Family Law Attorney

Many people have relationship problems that require assistance from an experienced Houston Family Law Attorney. Divorce, lawsuits that affect a Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), Support, Custody & Visitation, and Adoption are all regulated by Texas Family Law. Issues that impact the family often are resolved by Attorney Perry through mediation, litigation or legal counseling.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Charges will affect your entire future, especially if you do not address them directly in an effort to protect your rights. We provide Criminal Defense services to people for many types of offenses, from assault, DWI/DUI, Family Violence and more. Some clients seek an Expunction or Order for Non-Disclosure of criminal records. No matter what you are charged with, Attorney Perry can help you get through this stressful experience.

TX Estate Planning, Wills, Probate Attorney

Everyone should have a properly prepared will or living will. This is how you control what happens to your estate and children if you are unable to or after your death. We understand Probate, and help clients with other options for transfer of real property, investments and financial accounts.

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