The Probate process can be confusing to the average citizen, and this is why many people in the Houston area call upon J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law, when they have to deal with Probate. Attorney Perry has extensive experience helping clients with Estate Planning and Probate matters. He knows how troublesome this area of law is to his clients, and he is able to provide the direction and advice they need to resolve Probate issues successfully.

J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law

A lifetime of wanting to help others is what drives J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law. He works closely with his clients to help them navigate legal channels successfully to reach their goals. After working 18 years in the public sector in patient care and hospital administration, he began a long legal career. He earned his law degree in 2002, at South Texas College of Law, and then opened his own law office in Houston, TX.

Most of the work provided by Attorney Perry involves Criminal Defense, Family Law, Wills & Living Wills and Probate. Probate is an area of law that can be hard to understand, especially when a person is dealing with the aftermath of death of a loved one and their estate. Even with a Will in place, some estate matters, like transfer of real property or certain investments and retirement accounts, will have to go through the Probate process, especially if there is no named beneficiary.

Texas Probate Attorney

Texas Probate Attorney J. Reid Perry is an experienced Houston lawyer who understands estate planning and Probate. Although Texas has a simplified Probate process, you will benefit from using his experience and advice to smooth out your Probate experience.

When there is no Will, an estate moves into the jurisdiction of a Probate Court Judge, who will assign someone as an estate Administrator/Executor. With a Will or other legal estate document on file, this process is simplified and may not require court supervision for distribution of an estate. Certain assets can be transferred directly, such as community property with rights of survivorship, and other property, accounts and survivor benefits. Other situations that occur upon death do require Probate supervision even when there is a Will.

There is no need to worry about or be concerned with Probate when you have an experienced Texas Probate Attorney on your side. J. Reid Perry understands all the details of the Probate process and can provide you with the guidance you need to navigate this area of legal procedure.

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