Family Law

Different areas of Texas Family Law apply in many ways to people who are in relationships, whether they are married, divorced, separated or have other issues to resolve, such as child custody, support or adoption. In the Houston area, people come to the office of J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law, to get the legal direction and advice they need to work through even the most complex Family Law matters.

J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law

As an attorney licensed for 14 years in Texas, J. Reid Perry has worked with hundreds of clients with Family Law problems. He also helps many people with related matters, such as Estate Planning or Criminal Defense, creating Wills & Living Wills, and dealing with Probate. He understands how the emotional toll relationship problems can affect all members of a family unit, especially minor children. He always works with clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Before becoming an attorney, Reid worked for 18 years in patient care and hospital administration, so he has a long history of caring about others and working hard to help them. He earned his law degree in 2002, at South Texas College of Law. He is a member of many legal groups, including the Houston Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas, as well as other legal groups that focus on Family Law.

Houston Family Law Attorney

J. Reid Perry is an experienced Houston Family Law Attorney, with an excellent record of helping clients to resolve Family Law matters that affect their relationships. For some people, working with Reid starts even before they marry, as they develop pre-nuptial and other agreements. Parents come to Reid for help resolving problems about child support, custody, visitation and other problems that occur during parental disputes. Divorce, Separation and modifications of previous agreements pave the way to peace for some couples when they determine that their relationship has deteriorated.

In his work as a Houston Family Law Attorney, J. Reid Perry has helped his clients find unique solutions to difficult family issues. Family Law matters include Divorce, Separation, and any type of Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR). It includes issues of custody, support and visitation, as well as name changes, modification or enforcement of existing orders, domestic violence and more. In some cases, Termination/Adoption is required when a biological father has departed and a new husband desires to legally take over responsibility as a father.

If you have questions or concerns about any area of Family Law, contact the law office of J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law, in Houston, TX. Call us now, at (281) 970-4175.