Women who are divorced and still have minor children in their care may find new happiness with another husband. If the biological father of those children no longer wants responsibility for their care, it is possible to terminate parental rights and allow the new husband to adopt the children and then he would become their father. In Houston, people who are trying to manage this situation get the legal advice and representation they need at the law office of J. Reid Perry, an experienced Family Law Attorney.

J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law

Licensed to practice law in Texas in 2002, J. Reid Perry, Attorney at Law, has helped hundreds of families resolve important matters that affect all members of their family. From pre-nuptial agreements to post-divorce modifications, his clients have found answers to even the most complex Family Law matters with his help. Since earning his law degree at South Texas College of Law, in 2002, Reid has been successfully helping clients with Family Law issues.

An experienced Family Law Attorney, Reid also provides excellent legal support in other related areas, such as Wills & Living Wills, Probate and Criminal Defense. These areas of law often overlap to have an impact upon the results of a particular case. Reid works closely with his clients to develop solutions for each client’s unique Family Law issues.

Termination/Adoption Attorney

Once a couple divorces, if they have minor children, there are many issues to resolve concerning care of those children. In some cases, the biological father is no longer in the picture, for many reasons. If it is expected that he will not be a part of a child’s life and the mother is remarried, that new husband may be able to use Termination/Adoption to become the legal father in that relationship.

Keeping a family together and functioning fully is the goal of Family Law regulations. By allowing a new husband to also become a legal father, the family unit becomes stronger. Children may not realize the impact of this move until they are fully grown, but it is good for children to have the benefit of a fully involved father in the family. When a biological father fails to remain committed to his children, it makes sense to be able to shift that involvement to a new husband. The benefits to minor children are enormous, and it is well worth working with an experienced Family Law Attorney to achieve those benefits.

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